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    CBD flower Amnesia Haze
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What is CBD ?

CBD formula Hemp is one of the oldest, most versatile crops that we humans know. Hemp has been used for around 10,000 years and has been grown all over the world for more than 3,000 years. Hemp contains a variety of cannabinoids. Among other things, cannabidiol (or "CBD" for short). Cannabidiol is a versatile active ingredient that occurs in the female hemp plant. In contrast to THC, CBD is not intoxicating. It is therefore completely legal and with this cannabioid the health benefits are clearly in the foreground.

How does CBD ?

The endoannabinoid system of the human body consists of a network of receptors that are distributed all over our body. An imbalance in this system is often responsible for various complaints. Cannabidiol can help restore homeostasis. The primary receptors CB1 and CB2 are transmitters and receivers for messenger substances, so to speak, and can be activated and stimulated by cannabinoids. While the CB1 receptor is responsible for controlling the nervous system, the CB2 receptor influences our immune system.

The spectrum of effects of CBD is huge. For example, it can alleviate various ailments, contribute to relaxation or be beneficial for athletic performance. It is important to take CBD regularly. It is best integrated into everyday life as a dietary supplement in order to benefit as best as possible from the medical potential of the cannabinoid.

The CBD oil is popular and above all extremely efficient. With us you can Buy CBD oil from various manufacturers.

What is CBD oil ?

In contrast to hemp seed oil, which is obtained from the seeds and used as salad oil, CBD oil is obtained from the flowers of the female hemp plant. The full spectrum of the oil contains well over 100 different cannabinoids. Each and every cannabinoid makes its contribution to the effectiveness of the oil. You can find more information on the production of CBD oil on our blog post Production of hemp extract through CO2 extraction .