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CBD and sports

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  • Sport CBD oil activation 5%


    CBD oil especially for athletes

      • 10% hemp extract
      • 1% organic lemon oil
      • 0.5% organic chilli oil
      • 0.5% organic cinnamon oil
      • 0.5% organic ginger oil
      • 0.5% antioxidant

    Other ingredients: terpenes, minerals, flavonoids.

  • BioBloom 4% CBD oil / hemp oil


    CBD oil, hemp oil

  • Hemp sleeping drops CBD Vital


    Hemp sleep drop

    • Content: 30ml
    • With melatonin
    • alcoholic
    • With selected micronutrients
  • Organic hemp protein powder 54% protein


    Protein-rich hemp seed powder

    Use: for smoothies, for baking or just mix in yogurt

    • high protein and fiber content
    • Organic & Vegan
    • 100% naturally without additives
    • naturally lactose free
  • CBD Arthro COOL

    • In sports
    • For overloads and overstresses
    • Promotes regeneration after physical exertion
    • With immediate cooling effect
  • CBD Arthro WARM

    • To improve mobility
    • For the care of tense muscles
    • Promotes regeneration and blood circulation
    • Activates tired muscles
  • Hemp Beauty Food Protein Vitamin

    • With natural hemp protein
    • Plant-based power source
    • With vegetable B vitamins
    • With green tea extract
    • Rich in natural vitamins and fiber
    • No added sugar!
    • Brand: CBD VITAL

CBD and hemp products for athletes

We offer you an optimal selection of hemp products as a supplement to sport. For example CBD Oil for better regeneration, hemp protein as an optimal protein supply for the hungry muscles or soothing hemp balm.

Why CBD in sports?

- It can help to support athletic performance.
- CBD can have a relaxing and anticonvulsant effect.
- Cannabidiol can contribute to a quicker recovery from minor sports injuries.
- It can support regeneration and thereby muscle building.
- CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect.
- CBD as an antioxidant. It can help to quickly bind and secrete cellular waste products.

If you are interested in CBD and sports, we recommend our excellent blog post on CDB and Sport .