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Animal CBD FORTE 2.5% (full extract)

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Tier CBD FORTE 2.5% (full extract)


Tier CBD FORTE 2.5% (full extract)
CBD oils from Greenfield - Laboratory-tested quality from Austria
Bios certified and awarded the ARGE-CANNA seal of approval. Extract from a mixture of hemp plants, the composition of which particularly suits the organism of animals. No fertilizers were used, nor are these hemp plants treated with pesticides and herbicides.
10 ml - 9,150 mg at 20 ° C
7,457 mg organic hemp seed oil
1,693 mg hemp extract with at least 229 mg CBD (CBD content & gt ; 2.5%)
137 mg CBDA (CBDA content> 1.5%)
18 mg THC (THC content <0.2%)
Valuable ingredients:
Vitamins (Vitamin E)
Omega-6 fatty acid (gamma linolenic acid)
Omega-3 fatty acid (alpha linolenic acid)
Essential amino acids
Due to the gentle extraction of the hemp flowers, the cannabinoids and the valuable flavonoids, terpenes and phenols are retained in the high-quality oil.
Instructions for use:
✔ Shake well before use.
✔ Store at room temperature.
✔ Keep out of the reach of children and teenagers. ✔ Not suitable for consumption.
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